About Us

Brawler Boards is a new brand bringing something unique to the world of winter sports: snowboards for fight fans. Some people like abstract art while others prefer skulls. At Brawler Boards, we want to ride a board as hard hiting and intense as the cage. Every snowboard we design is directly inspired by the take-no-prisoners world of fighting. Not everyone likes our boards, but then, we don’t make them for everyone.

But where did the idea come from?

Although not a competitive fighter myself, I have followed MMA since the days of Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. The conditioning and mental strength displayed by the athletes was inspiring. Several years ago, a friend invited me to try snowboarding “just once”. I did, and despite the bruises and freezing temperatures, I was instantly hooked. Snowboarding gave me a sense of accomplishment and the thrill of riding down a mountain remains with me to this day. Brawler Boards came out of a desire to combine my two favorite sports: snowboarding and mixed martial arts.


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